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School Teacher

END-To-END Search


Workshopping Competencies and Launching the Search

Charter Oak partners with schools to align on the profile calibration and goals for each job opening. By completing a simple online intake form and providing a detailed position description, our partners help us create personalized search parameters and targeted outreach messages. For end-to-end searches, we also propose a set of leadership competencies for interview committees to workshop, amend, and make unique to the needs of the individual search.


Candidate Sourcing

Charter Oak finds and creates a dynamic pool of candidates aligned with each school partner's mission, needs, and values. We leave no stone unturned in saturating the market. While we specialize in referral campaigns, LinkedIn enterprise edition, RocketReach enterprise edition, Grayscale for enterprise, and strategic job postings, we tailor our partners' sourcing needs to the intracacies of each unique search.


Initial Interview

Charter Oak creates unique candidate pools for each school based on the profile calibration from Step 1. We do not forget prioritizing the logistics of the search: details often inadvertently deprioritized such as commute times, salary expectations, certification, sponsorship needs, and start date. However, we also support our school partners with competency-based interview modules, as well.


Onsite Interview Logistics

Charter Oak will help align candidate and hiring team availability, sending clients and candidates alike detailed confirmation emails. Upon client's discretion, Charter Oak will host a candidate prep call as well as the onsite interviews themselves.


References and Matriculation

For each candidate with a verbal offer, Charter Oak gathers and delivers candidate reference information to clients. Meanwhile, Charter Oak proposes, executes, and refines a candidate matriculation plan for the successful candidate. Such matriculation plans communicate clarity of the employer's expectations which in turn maximize the likelihood of offer acceptance. 

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